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Digital Virtues and Memes: what you can do to regain control of your digital and financial life (2014)

Digital Virtues and Memes: what you can do to regain control of your digital and financial life by [Davidson, Alistair]

Innovation Zeitgeist: Digital Business Transformation in a World of Too Many Competitors

Kindle edition of Innovation Zeitgeist. Published June 2013.

The subject of the book is the observation that innovation is in the air, more innovations are being pursued, and innovation imitation is easier than ever. As a result, traditional strategies for developing new products and upgrading existing products need to be rethought. The book illustrates the new type of markets, maps out new models of innovation (product, process, customer, business model, legal rights, privacy, customer primacy, TCO) to illustrate ways of increasing commercial success.

Innovation and Startup Checklist for a Zeitgeist World, Kindle book. Published 2013.

A follow-on fieldbook with the important questions an entrepreneur should ask about a proposed or current project.

Information on  Davidson, Gellman and Chung, Riding the Tiger, Jist Publications, 1999. (HarperCollins Canada, 1997, First Edition)

Best practices in information management strategy, project management and IT governance. Introduced the idea of agile software development in 1997.

White Papers and Articles By Date (Organized from Most to Least Recent)

Interview with Scott Kupor, author of Secrets of Sand Hill Road, 2019, in Strategy & Leadership, in publication.

The Addictive Smart Phone System (2018)

Managing International Customer Support (2018)

Neo4j, Codex, and Game of Thrones: Customer Success Story (2014)

Wikipedia: Strategic Planning Software (2014)

Thought Leadership (2013)

How Strategic Management Processes Can Imitate Agile and Scrum (2013)

Business Models for an Era of Innovation Glut, Ivey Business Journal (2013)

Strategic Product Management presentation to Product Manager Meetup, April 9, 2013

Total Cost of Ownership as a Marketing Strategy for Enhancing Consumer Brand Value and Relationship Profitability (2013)

Agile Demand Creation, Social Marketing Strategy and Thought Leadership (2013)

What are your policies when your customers die? Putting the customer first, social networking and avoiding zombie marketing. (2011)

A.T. Kearney Executive Agenda video interview with George Halvorsen, CEO of Kaiser Permanente, Transcript. (2011)

Innovation by “Doing Both” Cisco Manages Contradictions That Drive Growth and Profit. Interview with Inder Sidhu, SVP Strategy and Planning for Worldwide Operations at Cisco. (2010)

To Pareto or Not To: Changing the Profitability of Your Business (August 2009)

AT Kearney Executive Agenda article with Mike Moriarty: The Soapholder Effect or Why Acting On Behalf of Your Customers Should Be Your Next Strategy – download PDF version (2009)

A model for picking technology winners? Review of Mastering the Hype Cycle by  Jackie Fenn and Mark Raskino, Gartner Group (2009)

Review of Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff  (2009)

Cushman and Wakefield: Executive Briefing –  download PDF Sustainability Comes of Age (2008)

Cushman and Wakefield: Executive Briefing – download PDF Managing Risk in Turbulent Times (2008)

The Future of Video Content – download PDF version (2007)

Porter and Teisberg put health care on the CEO’s agenda” Review of Michael Porter and Elizabeth Olmstead Teisberg’s Redefining Health Care:  Creating Value Based Competition on Results, Harvard Business School Press, 2006, pre publication review of article to be published in Strategy and Leadership magazine. (2006)

Deloitte Consulting: download PDF Managing Webmavens: Relationships with Sophisticated Customers via the Internet can Transform Marketing and Speed Innovation, (with Jonathan Copulsky), February 2006

Deloitte Consulting: download PDF Building the Consumer Connection: Or How to Succeed in High-Tech Retail (with Chris Abess), (November 2005)

Deloitte Consulting: download PDF Pricing Strategy and Execution: an overlooked way to increase revenues and profits (with Mike Simonetto), (November 2005)

Deloitte Consulting: download PDF Strategies for Mature Products (with Ken Hutt), (April 2005)